Dark Chocolate Avocado Pudding


There are so many recipes on my list to try that I doubt I will ever get to all of them. I don’t keep an official list, but I am always adding recipes to a database on my computer when I see something I’d like to make. Not all the recipes are low carb, many are high carb recipes that I want to tweak to make healthier.

I have known about avocado pudding for a while and have always wanted to try it. It wasn’t until this week that I finally made some because I had two very ripe avocados sitting on the counter that needed to be eaten. I do love avocados, but I don’t always buy them.

Avocados are great to just cut up and add to a salad and that was my original intention when I bought these. However, they weren’t completely ripe when I purchased them and by the time I checked them for ripeness, they were slightly overripe. Perfect for making pudding I thought.

This was such a simple recipe and I found it had a much better taste than the tofu pudding I’ve made. I used regular cocoa in that recipe which isn’t as rich as dark cocoa and I also added some instant espresso powder this this pudding recipe which helps bring out the chocolate flavor. I definitely prefer the dark cocoa to the regular and I may try making the tofu pudding again using dark cocoa and espresso powder to see if it makes a difference.

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