Blueberry Crisp


Going through our big upright freezer, I noticed we have several large bags of blueberries from last year. Blueberries can be frozen for up to two years, but I like to use them up before then. I’m not sure how the blueberry season will be this year, but the strawberries came in early due to the warmer spring so blueberries are likely to be early as well.

To make this blueberry crisp, I combined my Blueberry Cobbler filling with the topping from my Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp recipe. There is about twice as much fruit in the cobbler recipe so this crisp can serve 8 instead of the 4 that the strawberry rhubard crisp serves. I also like the topping from the crisp recipe better than the one from the cobbler. This is a delicious treat served warm topped with low carb ice cream.

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