Basic Quick Bread

Basic Low Carb Quick Bread

It’s no secret that the one thing low carbers miss most is bread. This is often what is missing as an appetizer, enjoying a real sandwich, or just having a morning slice of toast. I do have a bread machine, but I rarely have yeast to make a proper bread. That is something that I plan to try in the near future.

Gluten Free Almond Coconut Flour Bread

This week, I set out to bake a basic quick bread that could be easily thrown together with ingredients I typically have on hand. It needed to serve as a replacement for simple white bread and also serve as a base for other varieties of bread. Since I usually have both almond and coconut flours in my pantry, I used a mix of both in this recipe. Eggs were used for leavening, but I suppose baking powder or soda could be added to make a lighter bread.

Quick and Easy Low Carb White Bread

Quick and Easy Low Carb White Bread

I was very pleased with the results of this recipe. This bread can be enjoyed as toast for breakfast to complement eggs, to make a sandwich for lunch, or as a dinner appetizer. Herbs or seeds can be added to flavor the bread. I also believe this recipe can be used to develop sweet breads which I plan to experiment with. I will be making french toast using this bread and will post that recipe next.

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